Company profile

As an integrated communication service provider focusing on cross-border business, Landelion provides clients with project management and consultation services, to ensure the localization and globalization of clients at home and abroad. From multilingual solutions to localization, talent assignment,headhunting to brand marketing and social media operations, we strive to meet diverse communication demands and accelerate cross-border business development for our clients.

Eliminate barriers in cross-border communication to accelerate the globalization of our clients
Make localization and globalization easier
Corporate values
Corporate values
Individual values
Individual values
Work principle of PHACP
Work principle of PHACP
Customer care
Customer care
* Since 2020, a customer satisfaction survey has been instituted by Landelion's customer survey group on a weekly basis. The data above is based on previous surveys.
Our strengths
More than 10 years of experience in cross-border communication
Mature procedures for connecting with transnational corporations
Standard data management driven by technologies
Customized and well-organized products/services
Service network at home and abroad
Professional service with proven recognition
Our story
Established in Beijing Cooperation with national and provincial departments
Served transnational corporations including Mercedes-Benz, ITT, Sodexo, Ogilvy, and CNOOC
Member of Translators Association of China (TAC)
Jointly developed LDL Global Professional Talents Pool (GPTP) Member of Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)
Cooperation with overseas clients Developed MIS
Established Guangzhou Office Cooperation with clients in South China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan
Established Shanghai Office Cooperation with clients in East China Set up FS
March 2018
Established Xi’an Office Focus on medicine, science & technology, finance and law
October 2018
Established Chengdu Office Focus on the delivery and management of cross-border communication projects
April 2019
Established Hong Kong Office Cooperation with overseas clients in the Asia-Pacific region
January 2020
Upgraded the brand to V2.0 Integrated services including multilingual translation, localization, brand marketing, and assignment and headhunting
March 2021
Launched brand marketing solutions featuring new architecture
Honors and awards