In this era of global connectedness, media and entertainment industries have broken geographical boundaries and various international exchange events are held frequently Landelion, as a cross-border communication service provider, can provide cross-border solutions including interpretation at international events, multilingual text translation, event implementation , brand cross-border communication and professional talent services for media, entertainment, game, sports, film and television, and art companies, to facilitate quality global communications, attract quality content, and enrich the local entertainment.

Interpretation at international events
For large and medium-sized international events organized by media and entertainment companies, such as press conferences, fans' meetings, film festivals, sports events, and art exhibitions, Landelion can provide services including on-site simultaneous/consecutive interpretation and devices, shorthand note-taking at conferences, accompanying interpretation, business interpretation, and online consecutive/simultaneous interpretation to introduce the latest global news, campaigns, game and sports events, film and television works, and fashion and art elements to the local market and enrich the local entertainment.
Multilingual text translation
For the local promotion of media and entertainment companies, we provide multilingual translation and transcreation services, game scripts, event copywriting, scriptwriting for film and television, and exhibits to ensure better understanding.
Cross-border implementation of events
To help media and entertainment companies overcome language and cultural barriers in the local market, Landelion offers multilingual audio and video production, multilingual website building, and multilingual software localization to lay a good communication foundation for the promotion of events.
Brand cross-border communication
For the brand cross-border communication of media and entertainment companies, Landelion provide cross-border communication strategies, brand system construction, digital content creativity, social media operations, and other services, so their brands and goods can penetrate target markets quickly.
Professional talent services
To meet the short-, medium-, and long-term talent needs of media and entertainment companies in overseas business development, Landelion offers access to a pool of professional talents that includes multilingual translators, localization professionals, and branding and marketing professionals.
Our strength
Partnering well-known global media and entertainment companies
More than 10 years of experience in customer service
Rich reserve of resources including multilingual consecutive/simultaneous interpreters, accompanying interpreters and quality transcreators
A flexible recruitment service that can meet client needs anytime, anywhere
7/24 support services
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