A growing global aging population and increasing health awareness has opened up unprecedented opportunities in the biotech industry. We help overcome difficulties in language, localization, and brand communication in local markets. We offer professional, quick, and well-organized solutions for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical- devices companies and institutions at home and abroad to enable the spread of new medical technologies and products and improve the quality of life of the local people through the power of medicine.

Multilingual translation of medical documents
Thanks to our skillful life sciences translators, Landelion can provide clients with multilingual translation services for documents on biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices to ensure accurate wording and effective communication.
Interpretation at international medical conferences
For seminars on cutting-edge biological technologies, the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases, and the promotion of medical products and medicines, we offer online consecutive/simultaneous interpretation, offline simultaneous interpretation and devices, shorthand note-taking at conferences, accompanying interpretation, and business interpretation to make medicine-based communication easy to understand.
Localization of technologies and products
For cross-border promotion of technologies and products of life sciences companies, Landelion offers localization services including multilingual audio/video production, website building, and software localization to enable the widest possible reach of such technologies and products to target users in a timely manner.
Brand cross-border communication
For the brand cross-border communication of life sciences companies, Landelion provide cross-border communication strategies, brand system construction, digital content creativity, social media operations, and other services, so their brands and goods can penetrate target markets quickly.
Professional talent services
To meet the short-, medium-, and long-term talent needs of life science companies in overseas business development, Landelion offers clients with access to a pool of professional talents that includes multilingual translators, localization professionals, and branding and marketing talents.
Our strength
Partnering large life sciences institutions at home and abroad
Rich experience in medical project management and managing large and complex projects.
Provide insights into the entire life sciences technology and product lifecycle (R&D - application - release and promotion)
Rich reserves of resources including multilingual medical translators and medical product marketing professionals and diverse medical product-promotion channels
Customized translations especially for clients in the medical field.
Medical technology and product promotion scheme that is easily understood by users.
7/24 support services
Our clients