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At Landelion, we aim to meet clients' communication needs in cross-border communication strategies,brand system construction,digital content creation,and social media operations. We offer deep understanding of our clients' core business and the communication challenges in cross-border business development. We leverage local resources to deliver branding and marketing strategies, so their brands and products can enter markets quickly and they can seize the initiative in cross-border business development.

Cross-border communication strategies
Committed to the research and practice of cross-border communication, Landelion develops cross-border communication strategies based on clients’ demands, covering analyses of enterprise globalization/localization, brands/products, competition, audiences, communication environment,and communication channels/methods, to help clients establish communication goals, focus on target markets and audiences, choose optimal communication paths, and improve communication effectiveness.
Social media operations
To meet clients' demands for social media operations in overseas business development, Landelion offers operational services for global mainstream social media platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, to facilitate clients' accurate communication of brands and products in the target market.
Digital content creation
To meet clients’ demands for brand/product localization, Landelion offers copywriting, visual design, audio/video production, and event planning, to help clients deliver high-quality communication content in line with local culture, increase content penetration, and enhance the brand and product awareness in the local market.
Brand system construction
To meet clients' demands for brand system construction, Landelion offers customized and comprehensive plans for brand positioning, brand planning, brand image, brand proposition, and brand values, to facilitate clients’ transmutation and capital appreciation in the target market, accumulation of intangible assets, and market competitiveness, building a strong brand in the local market.
Why we are different
We focus on our clients' cross-border demands

We understand our clients' demands for globalization and localization.

We have professional branding and marketing teams

Our teams bring to the table years of branding and marketing experience in serving large international organizations.

We offer flexible pricing

We deliver standard, modularized, and demand-oriented solutions.

We are backed by global resources

We are characterized by our access to global resources and knowledge of local cultures and markets.

Typical clients