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To meet clients’ demands for flexible talent recruitment in overseas business development, Landelion offers its dynamic Global Talent Pool of Cross-Border Communications (GTPCC, backed by more than 100,000 professionals worldwide] to match linguistic talents or linguistic+technical/functional talents, in a bid to satisfy clients’ needs for talent assignment, talent headhunting, and research talent supporting, save clients’ labor costs, shorten the time for overseas promotion of clients’ products and services, and facilitate clients’ global presence.

Talent assignment
To meet clients’ demands for short-, medium-, and long-term flexible talent recruitment in overseas business development, Landelion matches multilingual translators and technical/functional talents with multilingual communication skills, solve clients’ labor shortage in projects, and develop detailed talent assignment management measures and implement human resource management throughout the project to ensure labor stability and efficiency in clients’ designated workplace, eliminating the worries of clients' personnel management.
Talent headhunting
To meet clients' demands for scarce talents in overseas business development, Landelion offers headhunting services including headhunting of multilingual translators, localization professionals, and marketing talents, which will help clients spend less time on this process and focus on accelerating overseas business development.
Research talent supporting
To meet clients’ demands for survey and research talents in overseas business development, Landelion selects talents with language skills and survey and research abilities in the target market, assembles a project team to promptly and efficiently execute clients’ survey and research tasks including customer satisfaction, specific purpose, and user experience.
Why we are different
Professional talents in vertical fields

Meeting the demand for professional talents in vertical fields including multilingual translation, localization, branding, and marketing

Professional talent pool that ensures efficient matching with client needs

More than 100,000 professionals in various fields over a span of 10 years; dynamic updates and quick matching for regions and industries.

International experience

Talent assignment and headhunting experience from cooperation with Internet giants, transnational corporations, and international organizations and comprehensive understanding of the demands for professional talents in different target markets.

Comprehensive talent assessment

Talent management, regular reports, and timely talent replacement.

The world-renowned composite material company Owens Corning needs a Korean escort interpreter to facilitate Korean leaders' communication with the Chinese technical team and help them overcome language barriers of living in China, such as shopping, vaccination, etc. The interpreter is required to work for 2-3 months. The customer previously recruited a Korean student, who was dismissed due to lack of professional competence.

Typical clients