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To smooth over technical difficulties in audios/videos, websites, application software, our localization professionals will use advanced technical tools to analyze the differences between target markets in language, user habits, cultural background, laws, regulations, and business practices so that the content is presented in the target market in such a way that it has the most effective reach.

Audio/video localization
Landelion offers a one-stop integrated multilingual service that includes audio/video localization with machine dictation and manual check, text translation, subtitling, professional dubbing, and post composition (subtitling, dubbing, picture editing, picture effects, and background music) to ensure effective reach in the target market.
Website localization
Landelion offers a one-stop website building service that includes text translation, UI design, and function development based on the cultural background and user habits in the target market, so clients can effectively promote their brands and products.
Software localization
We offer software localization including text translation, character extraction and translation for GUI, language, appearance, and functional tests.
Why we are different
Cross-media service

Time-saving and worry-free services that eliminate technical barriers in using different media without the need for outsourcing

Field connection

Integration of disciplines and fields involved in localization projects and simplification of links and processes to ensure a standardized output

Technical communication

Professional project manager for project management and localization engineers for technical problem solving

Cross-cultural understanding

Deep understanding of the local culture and laws and regulations to ensure compliance with target users

AWS, a cloud computing service platform of Amazon, provides a complete set of infrastructure and cloud solutions for customers throughout the world. As a cross-border communication service provider, Landelion is responsible for the localization of AWS-related promotional videos. With accurate dictation, translation and subtitles, our well-recognized quality and timely services have empowered our clients and facilitated their communication with target users.

Typical clients