With increasing cross-border investments and booming financial products, communication issues in cross-border development have become critical to financial and legal companies. As a cross-border communication service provider, Landelion offers professional financial and legal document translation, conference interpretation, overseas engagement and promotion, brand cross-border communication,professional talents for clients including banks, security companies, insurance companies, foundations, and law firms to accelerate their foreign investment as well as the penetration and promotion of their financial products.

Translation of technical financial and legal documents
Given its pool of skillful financial/legal translators, Landelion offers banks, security companies, insurance companies, foundations, and law firms with translation services in more than 70 languages, including the translation of investment reports, prospectus, financial statements, investment agreements, and legal contracts to enable more and easier communication.
Interpretation at financial and legal conferences
For financial investment forums, investor conferences, financial product promotion, and legal seminars, we offer such services as online consecutive/simultaneous interpretation, offline simultaneous interpretation and devices, shorthand note-taking at conferences, accompanying interpretation, and business interpretation to make financial and legal communication easy to understand.
Cross-border engagement of companies
To help financial and legal companies entering local markets overcome language and cultural barriers, Landelion offers multilingual audio and video production, multilingual website building, and multilingual software localization to lay a good communication foundation for the promotion of those companies.
Brand cross-border communication
For the brand cross-border communication of financial and legal companies, Landelion provide cross-border communication strategies, brand system construction, digital content creativity, social media operations, and other services, so their brands and goods can penetrate target markets quickly.
Professional talent services
Landelion provides access to a pool of professional talents in multilingual translation, localization, and branding and marketing to meet the short-, medium-, and long-term demands of financial and legal companies in overseas business development.
Our strength
Partnering top 100 financial and legal organizations
More than ten years of experience in financial and legal markets
Rich pool of resources including multilingual financial/legal translators and financial product marketing professionals and diverse financial product promotion channels
Customized translations, especially for clients in the financial and legal fields
Strict confidentiality measures and secure document storage
7/24 support services
Our clients