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Who we are

We are a cross-border communication service provider.

What is cross-border communication?

Cross-border communication refers to the promotion of strategies for brand and product development in local markets when an organization (company, government, or international organization) expands its business from the domestic to overseas markets.

What we do

As a practitioner of cross-border communication, we offer in-depth research into our clients’ needs for cross-border communication - from multilingual translation to localization of websites and local promotion of brands and products. With our understanding of cross-border communication, we leverage a pool of select professionals to enable integrated communication in cross-border business and perfect communication results.

Demand for cross-border communication
Social media operations
Content planning and generation
Promotion and advertising
Audio/video localization
Website localization
Software localization
Game localization
Transcreation and copywriting
Document processing and typesetting
Consecutive/simultaneous interpretation at online conferences
Interpretation at offline conferences
Short-term talent assignment
Medium- and long-term talent assignment
Headhunting of scarce talents

With our professional skills, strict processes, adherence to standards, and the latest technologies, we have independently developed our multi-business platform based on cloud technology, to enable standard, systematic, and digital project management and business processes and empower our clients’ businesses and brands.

LDL Projects
LDL Client Demands
Client Care System (CCS)
LDL Global Resources (GRCC)
LDL File System (FS)
Global Professional Talents Pool (GPTP)
Multi-lingual Corpus (MLC)
LDL terms
Our benefits

In terms of cross-border communication, Landelion offers a one-stop solution for clients when they develop their overseas business.